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The Cobra King Wedges offer 3 different grinds to choose from that tailor to a wide variety of wedge players. The new progressive milled grooves feature wider grooves on the lower lofted wedges and narrower grooves the higher lofts to produce optimum spin and control. The new and improved Notch technology allows for the sole to sit lower to the ground so the blade height is closer to the ground on square and open shots.

Cobra King Wedges are designed for players of all skill levels looking for a wedge that offers different grinds and bounces for their wedge game.

Cobra King Wedges 2016 feature:

  • Lofts/Bounces available: 50.08 • 52.08 • 52.12 • 54.10 • 56.07 • 56.10 • 56.12 • 58.06 • 58.08 • 60.04 • 60.08 • 60.11
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 steel shaft available in wedge flex only
  • Classic grind: slider/neutral/digger - all turf conditions
  • Versatile grind: slider/neutral - medium/firm turf
  • Widelow grind: neutral/digger - soft/medium turf
  • Authorized Cobra Golf dealer

Cobra Golf King Wedges