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The Pendulum Putting Rod enhances your stroke resulting in a smooth transition for solid hits and roll. This putting aid is used by over 100 tour pro's and will help with your posture and hand movement during your putting stroke.

Pendulum Putting Rod Training Aid feature:
  • Great practice aid for putting
  • Adjustable for different heights
  • 1 piece construction
How to Use the Pendulum Putting Rod:
  • Connect your putting triangle
  • Have consistent distance control
  • Fits all putter head types
  • Hit every putt in the Sweet Spot
The Pendulum Putting Rod adjusts quickly to fit anyone's stroke:
  1. Twist smaller lower portion of rod 1/4 turn to unlock
  2. Adjust length to your size
  3. Twist smaller lower portion other way 1/4 turn to lock
  4. Place the rubber tip on the back or center line of your putter

Practice Your Putting With The Pendulum Putting Rod!