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Introducing the newest line from PING - the G400 series

The team of engineers at PING have been hard at work implementing exciting brand new technologies into their already successful product lines. You'll see many familiar features, but it's what sets these apart from the rest that really have the golf world buzzing. From the G400 Driver with the more pronounced Turbulators and Vortec technology to the Hydropearl chrome finish now offered on the G400 Crossover, PING left no stone unturned.

G400 Driver

G400 - speed and distance. What more could you want in a driver?

Featuring a multi-material design that combines drag-reducing technology along with a speed-inducing forged face and MOI-raising tungsten sole weight the G400 Drive is almost guaranteed to deliver you longer and more forgiving drives.

The streamlined design features bolder, more pronounced turbulators and Vortec Technology to reduce drag by 15% for more clubhead speed. The G400 Drivers also feature an ultra-thin crown and skirt to save weight and MOI is increased by strategically positioning the CG location – actually, the PING engineers had 3-times more discretionary weight to use to increase the MOI and optimized the CG positioning. With a combined MOI of over 9000 and the deepest CG location anywhere in golf, it elevates stability and forgiveness to PING’s highest levels yet.

The 6% thinner engineered forged face increases flexing by 16% resulting in a more powerful sounding and feeling driver. The forged face is precision machined to product hotter ball speeds (1-2 mph) for more distance (about 5 yards) across the entire face.

Like the G Series, the G400 will be offered in the standard (9º & 10.5º), LST (low spin)(8.5º & 10º), and SFT (straight flight)(10º & 12º) models. Each model is adjustable +/- 1º.

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G400 Iron

G400 Irons - More Speed, Higher Launch, Greater Stopping Power

Faster ball speeds = more distance. Higher launch = greater stopping power. Hitting the ball further and close to the target…makes sense why there’s so much buzz around the new G400 Irons. Imagine hitting one less club to the green with the trajectory of two less clubs – that’s tour-player type performance with the forgiveness to find more greens.

Seen in previous Ping irons, COR-eye technology can easily be seen in the new G400 Irons. This technology is key to the faster ball speeds for distance gain and shot height for stopping power. Combined with the COR-eye technology, the toprail undercut cavity expands face flexing by 18% to increase the ball speeds and trajectory even more. With the new polymer backing to enhance sound and feel, there’s a lot of new technology under the hood with the G400 irons. Another returning feature is the Premium hydropearl chrome finish which severely reduces friction (40% less) for improved launch and spin from wet conditions and the rough.

Also new, the Ping G400 iron is composed of Hyper 17-4 stainless steel which increases the overall strength of the iron all while resulting in a 40% thinner face. Strong and thinner means more distance and higher ball flights. All things that make the new G400 iron a game changer.

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G400 Crossover

G400 Crossover- In a category of its own and better than ever

In a club category of its own, the G400 Crossover combines the workability and precision of an iron with the ballspeed and forgiveness of a hybrid – this makes the crossover the most versatile option for golfers of all skill levels

The maraging steel face delivers even faster ball speeds than its predecessor the G Crossover, with higher launch to produce 30% more stopping power. The addition of a tungsten toe weight increases forgiveness resulting in 17% tighter dispersion. The thinner sole also greatly improves turf interaction for better overall performance. Originally seen in the PING Glide wedges, the Hyrdopearl chrome finish allows for 40% less turf friction which improves launch & spin in wet conditions and in the rough. The G400 Crossover is available in 3 (19º), 4 (22º), and 5 (25º).

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