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2UNDR Swing Shift 9 Inch Long Leg Boxer Briefs

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The 2UNDR Swing Shift Boxer Briefs feature advanced construction techniques and materials to provide men with more support and a better fit than your standard brief.  2UNDR's revolutionary Joey Pouch was inspired by a kangaroo's pouch and keeps a man's valuable assets separate from bodily contact, which reduces chafing so you can stay comfortable all day.  

Part of staying comfortable is making sure you stay cool, even in stressful situations.  The Swing Shift's keep you cool with two pieces of technology: The boxer's fly promotes increased airflow, while still keeping you in place.  Secondly, 2UNDR uses Garmatex's Coldskin material, which absorbs heat and allows it to dissipate away from your body, reducing the skins temperature anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees.  Beyond the heat reduction and moisture wicking capacity, Coldskin feels great, much like cotton or silk. 

The 2UNDR Swing Shift 9 Inch Long Leg Boxer Briefs Feature:

  • Advanced construction techniques and materials for superior support and a better fit
  • Joey Pouch reduces chafing
  • Boxer fly promotes air flow
  • Garmatex Coldskin removes excess head and reduces skin temps 3° to 6° degrees
  • Soft, smooth feel similar to cotton or silk
  • Moisture wicking
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