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Bionic Womens Golf Glove

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A leading orthopedic hand surgeon scientifically designed the Bionic Glove to aid the anatomical form and function of a golfer’s hand. Bionic gloves enhance comfort, provide more confidence, improve control and are the first gloves to earn the Ease-of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation.

Bionic Womens Golf Gloves feature:

  • Made of soft, supple Cabretta leather
  • Anatomically fitting glove helps your hand regain club control
  • Glove ergonomics offer a comfortable, correct fit and optimal flexibility
  • Resolves natural problems of the hand when gripping the club easing fatigue
  • Strategic web zones keep your hand cool and dry
  • Patented pre-rotated finger design promotes natural closure of hand
  • Provides a custom fit maximizing dexterity and performance
  • Index-to-hand interface zone on the back of the forefinger improves breathability
  • Strategically placed relief pads on the thumb, fingers and palm protects against blisters and calluses by reducing pressure and friction
  • 3 layers of padding promote increased grip strength, torque strength and pinch strength resulting in more control and straighter shots
  • Superior resistance to seasonal wear and tear
  • Velcro closure and elastic inserts allow a customized fit
  • USGA approved for players with arthritis of the hands
  • Machine washable, air dry

Bionic Womens Golf Gloves