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BirdieBall is revolutionary, it is a totally new way to have golf fun and golf practice away from the golf course. The BirdieBall is being heralded as brilliant by critics and observers around the world.

Finally a practice golf ball that actually feels and flies like a golf ball. You can work on your ball control by watching the Birdieball draw and fade. The true feel and flight will help improve your ability. It flies a short distance and has a remarkable hang time.

BirdieBall Practice Aid features:

  • Practice your swing year-round anywhere safely
  • For right and left handed players
  • Designed for all skill levels
  • Cambered flexible polymer spring StrikePad measures 12" W x 24" L
  • StrikePad can be placed almost anywhere for a practice session including concrete, asphalt or dirt
  • The flex in the StrikePad allows for deflection and rebound at impact
  • Protects your clubs, lawns and parks from damage
  • The birdieball feels, spins and and flies exactly like a golf ball
  • Behaves similarly to a golf ball
  • Flies on the average of 40 yards with no forward roll
  • Set includes 12 Birdieballs and the StrikePad

Experiencing the "true feel" and seeing the "true flight" of the amazing BirdieBall will improve your ability to control a real golf ball.