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Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls 2021

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The new Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls take tour performance to another level.  Callaway re-engineered every aspect of the ball to create more speed of the tee and longer distance with every club in the bag.

Creating more speed and distance starts with a larger graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core.  The inner core is significantly larger, which causes the ball to launch higher and spin less.  The thinner, firmer outer core is reinforced with graphene to increase durability and generate more wedge spin.  A new high-speed mantle system creates a more efficient energy transfer from the core to further boost speed.   

The second ingredient in generating distance is the optimized aero design, which reduces drag, increases overall distance and produces a penetrating ball flight for optimum trajectory.

Finally, a thinner, more resilient cover promotes increased ball speed.  Additionally, the cover generates lower spin on full shots while maintaining high spin and control around the green.

If you're not sure whether the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X is right for you, know that they are both great balls, but there are some differences.  The Chrome Soft is designed for increased distance, a consistent ball flight, incredible feel and control, and optimized aerodynamics.  The Chrome Soft X is designed for fast ball speeds and distance, increased workability and spin control, great feel, and optimized aerodynamics.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track Golf Balls Feature:

  • Triple Track lines improve aligment and accuracy
  • Larger graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core for increased distance
  • Soft inner mantle and firm outer mantle generate increased ball speed off the club face
  • Thinner urethane cover produces incredible feel & spin
  • Fast ball speed & distance, increased workability & spin control, great feel, optimized aerodynamics
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