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Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls 2021 - Matte Colors

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The new Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is truly a long, straight distance ball that's super soft.  The latest version of the legendary Supersoft features a Hybrid Cover with a PARALOID Impact Modifier made by DOW chemical.  This innovate design allows Callaway to create a highly versatile, multi-material construction that provides an incredible combination of fast ball speeds, a high launch, low spin, soft feel, durability and excellent greenside control.

Beneath the cover lies the Supersoft's Compression Core.  This high performance core is engineered to create maximum ball speed, along with an excellent combination of a high launch and low spin in your longer clubs for more distance. 

The final piece of technology in the SuperSoft is Callaway's HEX Aerodynamic pattern, which reduces drag for enhanced launch conditions and optimized trajectory.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls - Matte Colors Feature:

  • Hybrid Cover with innovative PARALOID Impact Modifier provides fast ball speeds, high launch, low spin, soft feel, durability and excellent greenside control
  • Soft compression core maximizes energy transfer to increase ball speeds and promote a high launch and low spin in longer clubs for more distance
  • HEX Aerodynamics are optimized to reduce drag and enhance lift for increased carry distance and higher flight
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