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Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedges - ON SALE

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Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedges are highly versatile, forgiving wedges, designed for open-face shots around the green.  The wedges high toe profile is perfect for sliding under the golf ball and the low, c-shaped sole helps you play from difficult lies.  Rotex milling and tour zip grooves ensure that every shot has maximum spin.  

The stock shaft and grip are the Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge and the Lamkin 360 respectively. 

Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedges Feature:

  • High toe profile is perfect for sliding under the ball and hitting extreme open face shots
  • Rotex milling, laser miller & tour zip grooves cover the entire face and ensure maximum spin
  • Half-cavity design improves feel and provides next-level forgiveness
  • Low C-Shaped sole is optimized for open face shots and offers heel and toe relief for versatility
  • Stock Shaft: Dynamic Gold 115 Wedge
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin 360
  • Authorized Cleveland Golf Retailer

Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedges

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