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Cleveland Launcher XL Driver - ON SALE

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Thanks to a key piece of technology called Rebound Frame, the new Cleveland Launcher XL Driver is the fastest, longest driver Cleveland has ever produced. Whereas traditional drivers use a flexible face that compresses and decompresses at impact to propel the ball forward, Rebound Frame adds a second layer of flexibility.  Together, the face and frame work like dual springs, transferring even more energy from the club head to the golf ball.  By refocusing energy that's ordinarily lost, Rebound Frame is faster on every strike, especially center-face impacts.  In fact, Cleveland claims that even the most flexible driver face simply cannot transfer as much energy as Rebound Frame's dual Flex Zones.

In terms of golf, MOI refers to an object's resistance to rotation, which is important, because when a club head strikes the ball off-center, it naturally wants to rotate.  Rotation means the club is no longer facing its target, and errant shots will inevitably follow.  In order to help combat misses and increase forgiveness, Cleveland added size to the Launcher XL.  The bigger club head allowed engineers to relocate mass as far from the driver's center as possible. The result is a dramatic increase in stability, and in fact, the Launcher XL boasts an 11% increase in MOI compared to Cleveland's last generation driver.

The final piece of technology powering the Launcher XL isn't found in the club head, but rather the shaft.  Cleveland inserts an 8g weight at the end of the shaft, creating what is known as a "counter balanced" effect, the benefits of which are dynamic.  As you take the club away from address, Action Mass CB weight makes it feel lighter and more controlled.  Added control leads to added stability and a more consistent, repeatable golf swing.  At the beginning of the down swing, Action Mass brings your hands straight down, consequently helping keep your arms close to your body.  This creates a better plane that avoids the dreaded casting motion commonly referred to as an "over the top" swing, ultimately resulting in a squarer club face and straighter shots.

 The standard XL is the only adjustable model in the new Launcher family of drivers.  With 12 positions available, you're able to dial in your launch angle, distance, and shot shape.

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Features:

  • Rebound Frame adds a second flex zone in the body to direct more energy at impact, increasing ball speed and distance
  • Bigger head with extreme perimeter weighting increases MOI to 5,200 for incredible forgiveness
  • Low, deep weighting produces a high launch for maximum carry distance
  • 8g weight at the end of the grip delivers better balance, control, consistency and a square face at impact with less slice
  • Adjustable hosel with 12 positions optimizes launch, distance and shot shape (+/- 1.5° loft)
  • Stock Shaft: Project X Cypher 50 Graphite
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (52g)
  • Matching headcover included
  • Wrench Included
  • Authorized Cleveland Retailer
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Product SpecsCleveland Launcher XL Driver Product Specs

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