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Cleveland RTX Full-Face ZipCore Wedges - Black Satin

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The Cleveland RTX Full-Face ZipCore Wedges feature a hosel-to-toe groove pattern that covers every millimeter of the face, freeing you up to use your creativity around the greens, without sacrificing spin.  The Full-Face's optimal high-toe profile provides added surface area on the face to ensure you never run out of real estate when attempting challenging open-faced shots.

By replacing heavy steel with a lightweight core in the RTX Full-Face ZipCore, Cleveland was able to shift the center of gravity, which raises MOI, adds spin, enhances control and boosts consistency on all your shots. 

New UltiZip Grooves help maximize the ZipCore's performance and consistency.  The grooves are sharper to cut through grass more efficiently.  They're deeper, which helps channel debris for better contact.  Finally, the grooves are more tightly packed, leading to increased edge contact and greater consistency. 

Cleveland elected to outfit the RTX Full-Face ZipCore with True Temper's Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue, and for good reason.  The Spinner provides all the characteristics of a tour issue wedge shaft, but is built to help generate extra spin and tour-level stopping power.  True Temper designed the Spinner to have a similar profile to the Dynamic Gold S200, but tuned it specifically for wedge play. 

Cleveland RTX Full-Face ZipCore Wedges - Black Satin Feature:

  • Full-face groove pattern covers every millimeter of the face
  • Optimal high-toe profile provides added confidence on open face shots while maintaining a classic silhouette at address
  • Low-density ZipCore design shifts the center of gravity, raises MOI, adds spin, enhances control and boosts consistency
  • UltiZip grooves are sharper, deeper and narrower.  They bite harder, channel more debris, and increase groove contact
  • Measured, timed blast of heat increases wedge durability for consistent performance, round after round
  • Grind: C-Shaped
  • Stock Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Golf Spinner Tour Issue (128g)
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin Crossline Black • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (52g)
  • Grip Dependent On Manufacturer Availability
  • Authorized Cleveland Retailer

Cleveland RTX Full Face Wedges