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Club Fitting & Lessons

Looking for the perfect clubs or a complete swing overhaul? For those, and everything in-between, we've got the fix for your golfing needs!

Club Fitting

We offer FREE BASIC FITTINGS for players of all skill levels and abilities. This process begins with a conversation between you and one of our club specialists to learn about your game and determine the type of clubs you may be interested in. With our "try before you buy" policy, you are able to test the clubs on our outdoor practice facility at no cost. When you are finished with your testing session, your club specialist will work with you to select the make and model that will best suit your game. The final step involves your club specialist fitting the equipment that you have selected to the proper specifications using the Game Changer, which utilizes live ball flight analysis. You can be confident that Carl's will always use the most up-to-date technology and the best fitting tools available to ensure a proper fit. No appointment is needed for basic fittings. Just walk right in!

We also offer PERFORMANCE FITTINGS, which utilize the latest and greatest in custom club fitting. Carl's Golfland is equipped with Trackman technology, the same used on tour, to help improve your game by using live Doppler Radar to scientifically get you into the best clubs possible. You'll leave knowing you have the best equipment for you in your bag. This type of fitting tends to be suited for those who value the best in technology. Click here to learn more about the Launch Pad, our expert fitters, club fitting offerings, and Performance Fitting pricing.

Having trouble determining which fitting is right for you? Give us a call (248-335-8095) and ask to speak with one of our club specialists to determine which type of fitting would best suit your game. Download our Winter Lesson Program PDF here.



Carl's Golfland employs an experienced staff of PGA Professionals to provide golfers of all abilities world-class instruction. Whether you're a beginner or a grizzled veteran of the game just looking for some expert pointers, we've got you covered. Along with our A+++ teaching professionals, the Carl's Golfland facilities at both store locations, provide an ideal learning environment.

We understand lessons can be somewhat intimidating if you're not used to high-level instruction. No problem! Simply give us a call and we'd be happy discuss our offerings and get you in contact with one of our pros.


Meet Our PGA Professionals

  • Dick Bury +

    Co-Head PGA Professional, Bloomfield Hills

  • Joe Portfilio +

    Co-Head PGA Professional, TPI Certified, Bloomfield Hills

  • Gene Bone II +

    PGA Professional, Bloomfield Hills

  • Brian Liberati +

     Head PGA Professional, Plymouth at St. John's

  • John Hyde +

    PGA Professional, Plymouth at St. John's

Types of Lessons

  • Private Lessons +

  • Semi-Private Lessons+

  • Group Lessons+

  • On-Course Playing Lessons+

  • Trackman Combine with PGA Instruction+

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Evaluation
Knowing your body's physical limitations can directly correlate to swing flaws. Through a series of simple physical tests and a V1 swing analysis, we can evaluate your flexibility and strength as it relates to your swing. Following this evaluation, a six week, 18 session workout plan will be designed to improve deficiencies and increase flexibility. These exercises can be done easily in your home or with the help of a personal trainer. With access to the MyTPI website, you can track progress and see guides for exercises.TPI Evaluations take place at the Bloomfield Hills location with TPI Certified Instructor and PGA Professional Joe Portfilio. Be sure to contact Joe directly with questions.

  • TPI Fitness Evaluation: $150 - One Hour+

  • TPI Fitness Plus: $425+


Lesson Type

Adult Rate


Junior Rate*


1/2 Hour Private Lesson*





1 Hour Private Lesson





Series of 4 1/2 Hour Private Lessons*





Series of 4 One Hour Private Lessons





Series of 10 1/2 Hour Private Lessons





Series of 10 One Hour Private Lessons





Adult Beginner Group Classes
Series of 4 One Hour Group Lessons





Adult Intermediate Group Classes
Series of 4 One Hour Group Lessons





Junior Development Group Program
Series of 4 One Hour Group Lessons



*Under the age of 16