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Cobra LTD x ONE Length Hybrids 2022

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The new Cobra LTDx ONE Length Hybrids feature PWR-CORE and H.O.T Face technologies to deliver extreme ball speeds and distance.

Designed using artificial intelligence and machine learning, H.O.T. Face Technology consists of 15 HOT zones with strategic thicknesses that increase smash factor and ball speed across a much wider area of the face.  Cobra's PWR-CORE weighting system positions mass low and forward, and when combined with the unique face design, creates a lethal combination of low spin, blistering ball speeds and massive overall distance.

On the hybrid's sole, Baffler Rails allow the club to glide effortlessly out of tight lies, thick rough, and even bunkers, making this hybrid extremely versatile.

Due to the differing lengths and lie angles of traditional clubs, golfers have a different setup, ball position and swing for every club in the bag, causing inconsistencies.  ONE Length clubs all measure the same length as a 7 iron and have very similar lie angles, which reduces the aforementioned variables.  The result is more accuracy, more consistency, and improved confidence.

Hybrids are scoring clubs and as such, accuracy is at a premium, so Cobra outfits the LTDx with KBS' PGI shaft because it provides the same tight tolerances, dispersion and control as a steel shaft, just at a lighter weight.

Cobra LTDx ONE Length Hybrids Feature:

  • Designed for enhanced consistency and accuracy in a shorter, 37.5" setup
  • PWR-CORE weighting system positions mass low and forward to combine low spin with faster ball speed for enhanced distance
  • H.O.T Face Technology uses A.I. to design 15 HOT zones that increase ball speed and smash factor across a wider area of the face
  • PWRSHELL Forged Face Cup Design increases flex across the face and sole for faster ball speeds and a higher launch
  • Baffler Rails on the sole allow the club to glide effortlessly through any lie without digging
  • Stock Shaft: KBS PGI Graphite (Lite 60g, Regular 70g, Stiff 80g)
  • Stock Grip: Stock Grip: Lamkin Crossline (Black/Silver, 58R, 48.5g)
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