Cobra Womens F-MAX Hybrid Combo Iron Set 2020

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From the head, to the shaft, to the grip, the Cobra Womens F-Max Airspeed Hybrid Combo Iron Set features an ultralight design to help golfers generate more clubhead speed and distance. 

Both the irons and hybrids have heel biased weighting to help you fight the dreaded slice and find the fairway. 

Cobra's ultralight Airspeed and Lamkin's REL 360 are the stock shaft and grip respectively.

Cobra Womens F-Max Airspeed Hybrid Combo Iron Set Features:

  • Lightweight design generates more clubhead speed and distance
  • 5 gram lighter shaft allows you to swing faster with the same tempo
  • Heel-biased weighting fights the slice for greater accuracy
  • Hybrids have a shallow face profile that lowers CG for higher ball flight
  • Irons have a low profile cavity back design to help you launch it higher and farther
  • Progressive construction ensures that every club performs optimally
  • Stock Shaft: Cobra Airspeed 45
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin REL 360 standard mens size (black)
  • Authorized Cobra Retailer

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