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Cobra Womens F-Max Offset Fairway Woods ON SALE

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With the Cobra Womens F-Max Offset Fairway Woods, Cobra saved weight in every manner conceivable, to help you generate more clubhead speed and distance. 

The fairway woods feature two key pieces of technology to help you fight the dreaded slice.  Back/heel weighting helps those who struggle to turn the driver head over and the offset hosel corrects the tendency to lose the ball to the right.

Cobra's ultralight 45 and Lamkin's REL 360 are the stock shaft and grip respectively.

Cobra Womens F-Max Offset Fairway Woods Feature:

  • Ultralight club weight generates more clubhead speed and distance
  • Carbon fiber crown saves 10 grams of weight without sacrificing forgiveness
  • Heel-biased weighting keeps club in control and down the fairway more consistently
  • Offset hosel provides correction for slices
  • PWR Ridges help with visual alignment
  • Stock Shaft: Cobra 45
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin REL standard mens size (black)
  • Authorized Cobra Retailer

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