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Cobra Womens T-Rail Hybrid Combo Iron Set 2021

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The new Cobra Women's T-Rail Hybrid Combo Iron Set is designed to make the game easier so you can experience the best golf of your life.  The T-Rail Set features Baffler Hollow Split Rails, which create up to 70% more flex on the sole behind the face to deliver a high launch, as well added ball speed and distance.  Additionally, the the Baffler Rails help the club glide effortlessly on the turf to help you make crisp contact with every swing.

Cobra Women's T-Rail Hybrid Combo Iron Set Features:

  • Hollow design through the entire set delivers effortless launch and big distance with every club
  • Baffler Hollow Split Rails create more flex on the sole behind the face for a high launch and more speed while mainting excellent turf interaction
  • High strength forged E9 steel face has a variable thickness design to ensure maximum distance, even on off-center hits
  • Hybrid in the set is longer and more forgiving than an iron, making long approach shots easier and more consistent
  • Stock Shaft: Cobra Ultralite 45
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin Crossline Standard Men's Size (Black)
  • Authorized Cobra Retailer

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