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Golf Speakers

Quality Audio for the Golf Course

Golf may be a quiet game of whispered commentary and polite claps, but carrying a golf speaker on the course can make your game even more enjoyable. Convenient and portable, golf cart Bluetooth speakers travel with you everywhere, whether magnetically connected to your cart, mounted inside, or clipped to a bag. You'll find a variety of golf speakers at Carl's Golfland, with features like Bluetooth connections, easy recharging, waterproof construction, and dual pairing. Some speakers will even let you charge your phone battery!

Before you hook up your golf speakers and blast your favorite tunes across the course, keep a few things in mind. First, make sure that the course you're on allows it and that the golfers you're playing with approve. Keep the volume relatively low and the playlist stocked with songs that won't distract or disturb others. Be polite and considerate, and be ready to hit the mute button on that golf Bluetooth speaker when a member of your foursome is making a difficult putt. Music on the golf course should make everyone's time more enjoyable, not be an added frustration.

If you're ready to add a little audio entertainment to your next game, or need a gift for weekend golfer, our golf cart Bluetooth speakers may be the perfect choice. Our customer service team is available at 877-412-2757 if you have any questions. And don't forget - it's all covered by our < a href="/low-price-guarantee">low price guarantee.