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Evnroll EV2 ML Midlock Putter

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There is undoubtedly merit to the armlock style of putting and its ability to improve consistency by removing wrist movement from the stroke.  That being said, the required shaft lean can be as extreme as ten inches to engage the forearm with the putter grip.  Such a radical change in grip and address position can prove challenging for many golfers to be comfortable with.

In an effort to retain the advantages of the armlock method without forcing players into an awkward setup, Evnroll created Midlock Putters.  Their unique grip features the deepest pistol dimension allowed by the USGA.  By positioning the grip sideways, the deep pistol grip reduces shaft lean by five inches and loft by five degrees yet still engages the forearm to eliminate wrist movement for a one-piece shoulder swing.  Just forward press, and go.

Evnroll Putters feature groundbreaking Sweet Face Technology.  By making the channels wider at the center and progressively narrower towards the heel and toe, this patented, precise face milling pattern gradually transfers more energy on off-center hits, ensuring that the ball rolls a consistent distance every time, regardless of where you strike it.  Sweet Face also redirects the ball back to the intended target line on heel and toe strikes.  Simply put, with Sweet Face Technology, you'll never mishit another putt.

Evnroll Sweet Face Technology vs Standard PutterEvnroll Sweet Face Technology vs Standard Putter

Precision milled from 303 stainless steel, the EV2 ML boasts a new streamlined design with a thinned-out topline, squared-off rear bumpers, and a refreshed sole, creating a sleek-looking blade that seemingly blends into the putting surface.  The addition of two deep-seated rear multi-material weights increases MOI and forgiveness, further stabilizing Evnroll's most successful blade model.  With 24 degrees of toe hang, the long slant hosel suits players with minimal to moderate arc and face rotation in their putting stroke.

Evnroll EV2 ML Midlock Putter Features:

  • CNC Milled in the USA
  • Head Material: 303 stainless steel
  • Color: Satin
  • Weight: Tour preferred D7 swing weight at each length
  • Loft: 4°
  • Lie Angle: 71°
  • Shaft: Black stepless with .370 tip
  • Hosel: Long slant
  • Toe Hang: 24°
  • Grip: Evnroll Midlock
  • Headcover Included
  • Authorized Evnroll Retailer

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