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Expert Advice

Adjustability: What's it all about and how it can benefit the everyday golfer

As any modern-day golfer knows, there have been some significant technological advances throughout the years that benefit golfers of all skill types. One of the more recent advancements, the adjustable golf club, benefits not only the most experienced Tour players, but amateurs and beginners alike. Our Staff of Club Experts and Fitters tinker day-in and day-out with adjustability, but oftentimes find customers hesitant to utilize the adjustability. "Some customers are very receptive to adjustable clubs, others think its cheating, and some don't ever bother to adjust the club. Sure we'll set the club to their optimal setting before they leave, but that doesn't necessarily prove to be the best setting for them next month or next year," says LaunchPad TrackMan Master fitter Nick Morrow. For those brave enough to utilize today's adjustable clubs here are a few things to remember, consider, and even practice:

  • Is it legal? When can I adjust my club? +

  • What can I adjust with my club?+

  • What SHOULD I adjust on my club?+

  • Is there anything I can't adjust?+

  • Why should I?+

  • What if I just don't want to, is that still okay?+

  • Here are some examples of adjustable clubs and how to adjust them+

  • The Counterbalance Putter

    Adjustable putters...what's this game coming to?! For some time now putters have been adjustable, offering different weighting to help find your ideal putter. With the upward trending idea of the counterbalance putter, you can now change weights in the butt end of the putter grip. Some grips out there are even heavier to create this counterbalance affect without the interchangeable weights. The purpose of counterbalance is to silence your hands for us yippers. The heavier the weight on the butt-end of the shaft should ultimately lead to less hand movement which tends to be most players’ downfall on the greens. For players who like a more traditional feel on their putting stroke, the counterbalance may not be for you, but it's still worth a try! Grips from SuperStroke make it easy to switch back and forth between counterbalance and traditional weighted putters. Give it a try today! See the example below of a fully adjustable putter from Odyssey/SuperStroke:

    Odyssey Counterbalance


    In today's golf market, there's a lot of talk about stock vs. custom equipment. Players looking for the latest and greatest oftentimes play equipment that you wouldn't necessarily see "out-of-the-box". A lot of players know what specifications they are looking for in a club, but for those who don't, a professional fitting may be in order. Carl's Golfland offers 2 different kinds of fittings to ensure the product we put in your hands is right for you. Be sure to read more about our fittings.

    A manufacturer simply doesn't throw any shaft into their new product offering. They go through extensive testing and select which shaft they feel their club will perform optimally with. Oftentimes these shafts are best for most golfers that dare to wield the club, but for the golfers looking for more, the manufacturers are now offering a plethora of aftermarket shafts. Pricing for the custom shafts is largely based on the quality of the shaft and the manufacturer. Be sure to contact one of our experts to see what club combination is best for you!

    2016 Drive, Chip & Putt Championship Schedule Announced

    Drive, Chip & Putt

    To learn more about how to register for the Drive, Chip & Putt Championship or for more information regarding the event, be sure to take a look at the Official Drive, Chip & Putt website. Also, be sure to check out the schedule HERE.

    • Girls Driving Event
    • Awards Announcement

    What's it all about?

    according to:
    Joe Portfilio, Co-Head PGA Professional at Carl's Golfland in Bloomfield Hills

    The Masters Tournament marks our unofficial kick-off to the golf season. And what better time than during The Masters Tournament to host a Junior skills challenge?

    At Carl's Golfland, we're always looking to grow the game. Starting at a young age is what creates lifetime golfers and will ultimately determine golf's fate in the years-to-come. I always strongly encourage my young students to participate in local events to show them that golf can be fun, even on the competitive level. Oftentimes they comeback to me hungrier than before and I'll work with them to polish their skills for the next event.

    The Drive, Chip & Putt Championship is a perfect example of an event our young learners can partake in to hopefully increase their interest and enjoyment of the game. The event is open to golfers ages 7-15 separated into 4 divisions in boys and girls classes. Qualifying events are hosted in all 50 states during May, June and August with sub-regional and regional qualifiers in July, August and September. The lucky 80 finalists (40 boys, 40 girls) will compete in the finals at Augusta National on Sunday, April 3rd on the eve of the Masters.

Joe's Expert Advice

beginners’ tip:

Winter is the perfect time for practice

When winter turns your favorite courses into a winter wonderland, don't forget about your game! With all the extra time on your hands when your not out barbecuing, swimming in the pool, and mowing the lawn, it's the perfect time to sign up for winter lessons! That's right WINTER LESSONS! Whether on our heated outdoor tees or indoor practice facilities, we'll keep your game in-tune. When Spring hits, your foursome will wonder what you've been up to all "off season". Be sure to check our Winter Lesson Specials today!