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Garmin MARQ Collection Golfer Watch

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The ultra-premium Garmin MARQ Golfer Watch is an excellent looking, well-crafted golf GPS watch, packed full of features smart features.  The watch is crafted with a domed sapphire lens, always-on display and 18 custom-etched hole markings on the 46mm ceramic bezel.

If you're looking for golf features, the MARQ Golfer has them in spades.  The watch is preloaded with more than 41,000 full-color CourseView maps.  You can monitor wind speed, direction, hazards, green shape and adjusted distances that account for uphill and downhill shots.  When paired with Approach CT10 tracking sensors, the watch's Virtual Caddie factors in distance, wind speed and direction, then suggests a club for your based upon the distance you typically swing that particular club.

While the MARQ Golfer is a highly sophisticated golf watch, it also has a mountain of smart features.  The watch keeps track of your heart rate, pulse oxygen levels, breaths per minute and hydration.  You can view emails, texts and alerts when paired with a compatible Apple or Android smartphone.  Sync playlists from music accounts for phone-free listening.  Finally, with access to multiple global navigation satellite systems, you can view your location, as well as topographical maps of mountains and ski resorts. 

When you take into account all of the features the MARQ Golfer possesses, there's no denying that it is the most advanced golf watch ever created.

Garmin MARQ Collection Golf Watch Features:

  • Ceramic bezel with 18 custom-etched hole markings
  • Tritone green jacquard-weave nylon strap
  • Preloaded with over 41,000 courses
  • Virtual Caddie helps with club selection
  • Displays wind speed and direction
  • Hazard view allows you to quickly scroll through hazards (when paired with Approach CT10 club sensors)
  • PlaysLike Distance adjusts yardages to accounr for uphill and downhill shots
  • Green view gives you the green's true shape for more accurate distances
  • Quickly references front, middle and back distances
  • PinPointer feature tells you the exact direction of the pin
  • Pair with Garmin Golf app for in depth game analysis
  • Monitors heart rate, pulse ox, hydration and respiration levels
  • Preloaded activity profiles for swimming, biking, hiking, rowing, skiing and more
  • Backcountry skiing and climbing metrics
  • Altimeter for elevation and barometer to monitor weather
  • Access to multiple GPS satellites to track more challenging environments
  • Topographical ski resort maps
  • Smart notifications when paired with a compatible Apple or Android smartphone
  • Syncs with music playlists for phone-free listening (stores up to 2,000 songs)
  • Garmin Pay solution for contactless payment
  • Power Manager helps track battery life
  • Internal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 12 days of battery life in smartwatch mode, 28 hours in GPS mode, 48 hours in UltraTrac and 9 hours in GPS mode with music
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