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Putting is essential to your success on the course. A well-placed putt can mean the difference between a birdie, par, or bogey; the pros know it and you know it. Why risk stepping onto the green with anything other than the best golf putters in the game? Master your game with our collection of putters at Carl's Golfland.

How Do I Pick the Right Putter?

Finding the best putter for you can be a challenging experience. Every major brand offers different models, each using different materials, head designs, and lengths. In all, this gives you hundreds of different options to sort through unless you find help. We want to make your putter shopping as simple as possible, so here are some top tips for getting the best putter for your play style:

1. Choose the Right Length.Club length might be the most important factor in a well-fit putter, since too-long or too-short putters will lead to wild putts. Unless you use a belly putter, a correct-length putter will have the shaft in a straight line with your forearm when you're in putting position.

2. Match the Balance Point to Your Putt. Putters are either face-balanced or toe-balanced. Which style works best for you really depends on how you putt. If you swing square-to-square, with your putter moving in a straight line, then a face-balanced putter will be best for you. If you use an arcing stroke, then a toe-balanced putter will give you the most accuracy. For a more detailed explanation on the merits of each style, check out this helpful video courtesy of Cleveland Golf.

3. Don't be Afraid to Try Before You Buy. As with any new golf club, the best way to choose a putter is to test one out before purchasing. If you're consistently successful with it and it just feels right to you, then it's most likely the best putter for you.

Golf Putters for Sale at Carl's Golfland

Carl's Golfland carries a wide variety of putters of all styles and from the biggest names in golf. We know that in our huge selection, we have the putter that's perfect for you! We offer free shipping and we even have a 100% money back guarantee on unused clubs, including stock putters, hybrids, irons, and drivers, so don't be afraid to send them back if they don't fit.

Get Professional Advice at Carl's Golfland

If you aren't sure which putter is best for you, our staff of highly trained experts is here to help! Just call us at 877-412-2757 to get some expert advice.

If you want to be absolutely sure your putter is perfect for your play style, we suggest that you try it before you buy it. If you live near Detroit, come to one of our Carl's Golfland locations for an exclusive fitting session! We offer club fitting for players of all levels, from free basic fittings to private fitting suites and one-on-one sessions with certified fitting pros. Call us today at 248-335-8095.