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Honma TR20 V Irons

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Honma TR20 V Irons feature a one-piece forged construction and a player preferred profile.  The V Irons have stronger lofts to provide more distance.  Traditionally, stronger lofts would mean a lower trajectory, so Honma sculpted the cavity to produce a lower center of gravity, which launches the ball at a more desirable trajectory. 

The stock shaft and grip are Nippon's Modus3 105 and Honma's Tour Velvet +2 respectively. 

Honma TR20 V Irons Feature:

  • One-piece forged construction
  • Player preferred profile
  • Strong lofts for increased distance and sole design for desirable trajectory
  • Cavity back biased for low CG to produce an easy launch with the correct amount of spin
  • Sole is wide enough to help launch and has enhanced camber for crisp turf interaction
  • Stock Shaft: Nippon Modus3 105 Steel
  • Stock Grip: Honma Tour Velvet +2
  • Authorized Honma Retailer

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