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Mizuno ES21 Wedges 2021

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Unlike traditional wedges whose sweet spot is close to the heel, the new Mizuno ES21 Wedges have a centrally located sweet spot, which helps you strike the ball more squarely and generates increased, yet predictable spin.  Mizuno achieved this feat by starting with a hollow design, allowing their engineers to remove weight from the heel and push it towards the toe.  Then, they elevated the toe slightly, resulting in centrally located center or gravity.

The ES21's Quad-Cut Grooves are created using ultra precise CNC milling to boost spin rates even further.  Within the grooves you'll find additional Hydroflow Micro Grooves, which are vertically etched to help release moisture and improve wet-weather performance.

The ES21 is available with a standard or wide sole.  The stock shaft and grip are KBS' Hi-Rev 110 and Lamkin's ST Hybrid respectively.

Mizuno ES21 Wedges Feature:

  • Hollow body stainless steel 431 construction creates a higher, deeper center of gravity
  • Perfectly centered sweet spot is easier to hit, and ensures a squarer strike, longer contact, and increased spin
  • High toe and low heel design makes the wedge incredibly stable on open face shots
  • Ultra precised CNC milled Quad-Cut Grooves cut into durable Grain Flow Forged Boron infused steel for added spin and durability
  • Hydroflow Micro Grooves are vertically etched to release moisture and improve wet-weather performance
  • Availble with a standard or wide sole
  • Stock Shaft: KBS Hi-Rev 110 Wedge Flex (Black Ion)
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin ST Hybrid
  • Authorized Mizuno Retailer
Mizuno ES21 Wedges 2021Mizuno ES21 Wedges 2021

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