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Mizuno T20 Wedges - Blue Ion

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Mizuno's forging expertise is revered for its consistency, distance control and incredible feedback.  Mizuno's forging reputation is most commonly associated with their irons, but touch and feel are most critical with wedges, so this process suits the manufacture of the Mizuno T20 Wedges like no other. 

The T20 Wedge's CNC milled grooves are boron infused, making them more durable and longer lasting.  Additional control comes from the all-new vertically etched Hydroflow Micro Grooves, which release moisture and maintain spin in wet conditions.  

The stock shaft and grip are the Golf Pride Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 and Golf Pride ZGrip respectively. 

Mizuno T20 Wedges - Blue Ion Feature:

  • Raw finish will rust over time
  • Hydroflow Micro Grooves are vertically etched to release moisture and maintain spin in wet conditions
  • Weight placed high in tapered blade for increased spin and vertical stability on off center strikes
  • Grain flow forging ensures every had has a perfectly flat face and consistent spin
  • CNC Milled Grooves are boron infused for increased durability and spin you can trust
  • Higher lofted wedges have wider, shallower grooves for shots played around the green
  • Lower lofted wedges have deeper, narrower grooves suited for full shots
  • Profile flows from a teardrop 46 for full shots to a more rounded 60 for versatility around the green
  • Stock Shaft: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride ZGrip .60 Round
  • Authorized Mizuno Retailer

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