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Odyssey Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab Putter - Pistol Grip

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The Odyssey Toulon Design Stroke Lab Putters are a union of premium materials, intelligent design, expert craftsmanship, beautiful shaping and advanced performance technology.

There are 2 major technological advancements on the Toulon Design Collection that significantly improve putting performance.  The first is the deep diamond mill across the face.  The deep cross-hatch grooves are engineered to control sound and feel by channeling vibration.  Additionally, the small groove inside each diamond pattern is designed to improve the quality of the roll.

The second technological advancement is Odyssey's new Stroke Lab shaft.  The shaft is extremely light, allowing weight to be redistributed to the putter's head and grip, resulting in improved tempo and consistency on every putting stroke. 

Odyssey finished the Toulon Design Putters with an impressive new charcoal smoke finish.

The San Diego is an expertly crafted, premium milled blade style putter.

Odyssey Toulon Design San Deigo Stroke Lab Putter 2019 - Pistol Grip Features:

  • Deep diamond mill channels vibration to control sound and feel
  • Small groove inside each diamond pattern improves the quality of the roll
  • Stroke Lab shaft moves weight to the putter head and grip for incredible tempo and consistency
  • Charcoal smoke finish
  • Head Type: Mallet
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°
  • Offset: Full Shaft
  • Toe Hang: 47°
  • Head Weight: 365g
  • Grip: Toulon Design Stroke Lab Pistol Putter Grip
  • Authorized Odyssey Retailer

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