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PING Sigma 2 Arna Adjustable Putter Stealth

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The Ping Sigma 2 Adjustable Putters are designed for players who prefer a putter on the softer side with the lively response of a firm face.  The Sigma 2's have an adjustable-length shaft so you can customize the length for your stroke and posture. 

The Sigma 2's dual-durometer PEBAX face offers a soft, response feel.  The soft front layer ensures precision on short, delicate putts, while the firmer back layer offers solid feedback and distance control on long putts.  Touch and pace are further enhanced with Ping's innovative TR face pattern, which varies in depth and pitch to speed up off-center impacts for consistent ball speeds.  The combination of two differing densities and the TR face pattern provide a feel that appeals to a large segment of golfers and improves overall putting consistency. 

Having a shaft length that fits your posture and sets up well to your eyes is extremely important, so Ping created one putter to ensure a perfect setup.  The adjustable-length shaft is USGA conforming, lightweight and easy to use.  The process is quick and intuitive, using an adjustment tool that inserts into the top of the grip.  One full turn results in approximately a 1/4" adjustment and won't move the grip out of alignment. 

The Ping Sigma 2 Arna Putter is a mid-mallet design, featuring a flow-style hosel that compliments the head's soft arc shape and compact profile.  The 360 gram head weight ensures stability on shorter putts, while offering distance control on longer lag putts.  The mid-hang balance fit players with a moderate rotation in their stroke.

Ping Sigma 2 Arna Adjustable Putter Stealth Features:

  • Putter Type: Mid-Mallet
  • Adjustable Length Shaft: 32"-36"
  • Head Weight: 360 grams
  • Stroke Type: Slight Arc
  • Stealth Finish
  • Dual-Duromoter face is soft, with a lively response feel
  • TR Technology varies face depth and pitch to correct off center hits
  • Authorized Ping Retailer

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