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Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf

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Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf is perfect for playing with family or friends. This game involves a mix of strategy and a little luck—basically no different than the game of golf. Pit your wits against everyone else and post the lowest score!

Play Nine: The Card Game of Golf Features:

  • 1 Pack
  • 2-6 Players
  • Ages 8 - Adult
  • Easy to learn, easy to play
  • Perfect with family and friends
  • Objective: The goal of the game is to take as few strokes as possible, just like golf. Limit strokes by finding vertical pairs of numbers. Your final score is the number of strokes you take which is the sum of all the card values in your hand.
  • Gameplay: Each player is dealt eight cards with a discard pile and draw pile at the center of the table. To start the game each player flips two cards face up. Moving clockwise each player draws from either the deck or discard pile and has an option to replace one of their face up or face down cards. If a player does not want their drawn card they may choose to flip one of their face down cards for their turn. Players work to match vertical pairs of cards to reduce their number of strokes. Just like the game of golf the person with the lowest score wins the hole!
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