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Custom + Repairs

Carl's Golfland is home to a world-class repair and custom shop where we can have your entire set re-gripped or dial in your current loft & lie angles. With years of professional club building experience, our craftsmen will ensure your clubs are built for you. Services include custom building, reshafting, regripping, loft and lie adjustments, shortening, and lengthening. Have a special request? Let us know, we're here to help. If you have any specific questions or inquiries contact us.

Custom & Repair ShopCustom & Repair Shop

Custom/Repair Labor Pricing

Grip Installation | $4/club*


We stock a wide variety of grips from golf's top manufacturers - Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin & SuperStroke, to name a few. Choosing your grip has never been easier - simply select your grip from our display wall where we proudly display all in-house grips and their respective (guaranteed lowest) pricing. 3 clubs or less, we will accommodate "on-the-spot" service. 4+ grips will be available for pickup the next day after 5pm. Need a grip but don't see it in-stock? Let us know, we're happy to custom order any grip that we might not carry.

*Labor price only - does not include individual grip pricing. For grip pricing, see store for details.

Shaft Installation | $20/club*


So your club got wrapped around a tree or it broke under normal circumstances - it happens to the best of us. Maybe you're just looking to switch it up. Whatever the circumstance, with our in-house selection of shafts, our expert team will have you back on the course in no time. Looking for something custom? We'll work with our vendors to get the shaft(s) of your dreams in your clubs at the guaranteed lowest prices.

*$20 re-shaft labor does not include the price of the chosen shaft or grip.

Loft/Lie Adjustment* | $6/club


Equipped with the latest in golf club customization, we can adjust the loft and/or lie of your clubs to help enhance your playing experience. We utilize the Mitchell Golf Digital Loft/Lie machine to ensure complete accuracy during our loft and lie adjustment procedures. To ensure your proper iron gapping or to gain a few extra yards, a loft/lie adjustment can be all the difference.

*We do not have the ability to bend all types of irons as cast irons greatly increase the chance of breakage. We assume no responsibility for damaged irons during this process.

Shortening | $5.99/club*


Perhaps you're looking to bring that dispersion back a little bit or your clubs are just a 1/2" too long. We can shorten any of your clubs to your exact desired length and we always measure twice before we cut. Before shortening, we always recommend consulting with a club associate or one of our team members to ensure you get the proper fit. Have 3 or fewer clubs you need shortened? We can accommodate those with our "on-the-spot" service. 4+ shortened clubs will be available the next day.

*$5.99 shortening labor cost does not include the price of a new grip.

Lengthening | $10/club*


Much like our shortening service, whatever the reason to lengthen your clubs, our team has you covered. We can lengthen any of your clubs to your exact desired length. Before lengthening, we always recommend consulting with a club associate or one of our team members to ensure you get the proper fit.

*$10 lengthening labor does not include the grip price.

Install Your Grips* | $6/club


Have your own grips that you want installed? No worries. Bring your grips into our shop and our craftsmen will install them with extreme precision.

*We can install 3 grips or less with our "on-the-spot" service. 4+ grips are ready for pickup next day.

Install Your Shaft | $25/club*


Much like our standard shaft installation services, we will have YOUR shaft in YOUR club and YOU back out on the course in no time. Bring your shaft and club(s) to our team and we'll discuss your desired build.

*$25 labor does not include the grip price.

Looking for custom-built golf clubs? Well, look no further. We offer a variety of options for your custom golf club needs. Our custom shop team has the experience and knowledge to accomplish just about anything when it comes to custom-built golf clubs. To submit a repair request, please EMAIL US. Please note that there is a $7.99 shipping fee on repair orders that are shipped to our facility.

We also offer the largest custom club offering in the golf world. While working with one of our club technicians in-store, we'll ensure a perfect fit and custom order your clubs direct from the manufacturer to spec. Same goes for our Launch Pad Performance Fittings - we'll ensure proper fit and have your custom clubs ordered directly from the manufacturer and built to spec. Shopping online? Perfect. Use the handy "Customize It" filter to see all customizable clubs and start building today.

Questions? Call 877-412-2757 or EMAIL US for more information.