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Srixon Womens SOFT FEEL LADY Golf Balls - Passion Pink

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The new Srixon Women's SOFT FEEL LADY Golf Balls feature Srixon's FastLayer Core technology, the same core used in their premium golf balls.  This unique design gradually transitions from a soft inner core to a firm outer edge.  The softer inner layer provides the ball's legendary soft feel while dramatically reducing long-game sidespin for greater accuracy.  The firmer outer layers cause the SOFT FEEL to rebound more quickly off the face, adding ball speed and distance to the potent formula.

Srixon's SPEED DIMPLE PATTERN is critical in boosting the SOFT FEEL's performance.  By reducing drag, the 338 pattern causes the ball to cut through the air with less resistance for more speed with a penetrating launch.  As an added benefit, the ball is less affected by wind conditions, leading to shots that fly straighter.  Finally, a higher lift coefficient keeps the ball airborne for longer, slowing its fall for maximum distance.

Srixon Women's SOFT FEEL LADY Golf Balls - Passion Pink Feature:

  • Incredibly soft feel
  • FastLayer Core with a soft center that gradually transitions to a firm outer layer provides incredible softness and tremendous distance off the tee
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern delivers more distance and better performance in the wind by reducing drag at launch and increasing lift during descent
  • Soft, thin cover provides more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips, and putts
  • Swing Speed: All
  • Construction: 2 Piece Ionomer
  • Compression: 58
  • Feel: Softer
  • Distance: Long
  • Trajectory: Mid-High
  • Driver Spin: Low
  • Greenside Spin: Mid
  • Authorized Srixon Retailer

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