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TaylorMade Womens Kalea Premier Hybrid Combo Iron Set

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For many golfers, long irons are difficult to hit, and even when struck well, don't generate the requisite distance or apex necessary to score well.  As such, the TaylorMade Women's KALEA Premier Hybrid Combo Iron Set replaces menacing long irons with hybrids that are longer, more forgiving, and easier to launch.

Designed to ensure performance for every possibility on the course, the TaylorMade Women's KALEA Premier Rescue Hybrids provide distance off the tee, playability from the fairway, and versatility from the rough and bunkers.

The KALEA Premier Hybrid features a low-profile body and a V Steel sole that combine to create an extremely low center of gravity.  As a result, this hybrid delivers a high launch, as well as enhanced forgiveness.  Another benefit of the sole is its ability to reduce friction, allowing the club head to effortlessly glide through the turf.

The KALEA Premier Irons feature a perimeter weighted shape that is both extremely forgiving and playable, while still maintaining a sleek overall shape.  The KALEA's Cap Back Design allows the irons to eclipse the performance of a standard cavity back, delivering maximum distance, and further bolstering forgiveness properties.

TaylorMade outfits the KALEA Premier Combo Set with their own proprietary, lightweight Premier shaft and Lamkin's lightweight Sonar grip.

TaylorMade Women's KALEA Premier Hybrid Combo Iron Set Features:


  • Large face combines with a low-profile body to create a very low CG for an easy, high launch and excellent versatility
  • V Steel Sole designed to glide through the turf by reducing friction and providing versatility from any lie
  • Flexible Thru-Slot Speed Pocket maximizes ball speed and produces additional forgiveness on low-face strikes
  • Twist Face promotes increased consistency on common mishits on the low-heel and high-toe areas of the face
  • Stock Shaft: KALEA Premier 40 Lite
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin Sonar (38g, 0.580 Round)


  • Lightweight and playable for a wide range of swings
  • Cap Back Design utilizes high-strength steel and a lightweight multi-material badge that combine to maximize distance, forgiveness, and launch while providing excellent feel
  • Perimeter-weighted head shape for extreme forgiveness and playability with a sleek overall shape and clean lines
  • Flexible Thru-Slot Speed Pocket engineered to maximize ball speed and produce added forgiveness on low-face strikes
  • Stock Shaft: KALEA Premier 40 Lite
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin Sonar (38g, 0.580 Round)
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