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Titleist Womens T300 Irons 2023

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Brimming with a myriad of new technology, the new Titleist Women's T300 Irons are engineered to improve your launch, distance and shot making, all while providing maximum forgiveness.

When it comes to distance, the T300's improved Max Impact technology is a game changer.  Max Impact now includes an enhanced polymer core that improves both feel and mass efficiency at impact, resulting in increased ball speed and better feedback.  Max Impact is buoyed in strength by a new variable face thickness design that generates a high coefficient of restitution, which simply put, means the ball explodes off the club face.  As an added benefit, the VFT design creates a larger effective hitting area, especially in the heel, traditionally one of least potent zones on the face.

Not only are the new T300 irons packed with 40% more tungsten, but a different type of tungsten traditionally used in aerospace construction.  Denser D18 tungsten and a 2000 degree brazing process allowed Titleist's engineers to locate the center of gravity with extreme precision.  Rarely, if ever, do we see this type of premium construction used outside of a Tour iron, and in the T300, it produces the optimal blend of speed, launch and forgiveness. 

Titleist finishes the T300 with premium chrome plating, and equips it with an Ascending Mass shaft from Mitsubishi.  By gradually increasing weight in each shaft, Ascending Mass gives players peak performance in each iron.  Long irons are kept lighter to help increase swing speed and launch conditions, while heavier short irons improve consistency, control and precision.    

Titleist Women's T300 Irons Feature:

  • Engineered to produce a high launch, big distance and extraordinary forgiveness
  • Max Impact technology with an enhanced polymer core maximizes ball speed across the face and launch with improved feel
  • 40% More tungsten and improved CG placement for the optimal launch and spin, as well as high MOI
  • High COR variable thickness face increases ball speed and is thinner towards to heel to improve performance
  • Additional damping for improved sound and feel
  • Chrome plated for a premium look
  • Stock Graphite Shaft: Mitsubishi TENSEI AV Red AM(2) ((Ascending Mass Technology increases weight 3g per club (48-56g))
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 (white paint fill with black flat cap)
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Titleist Women T300 Irons Product SpecsTitleist Women T300 Irons Product Specs

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