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Titleist Womens TSi1 Fairway Woods - ON SALE

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The new Titleist Women's TSi Fairway Woods are engineered with advanced speed-tuned technologies, including the Active Recoil Channel 4.0, to maximize ball speeds and increase inertia for longer distance with incredible accuracy.

The fourth generation Active Recoil Channel is a key piece of technology in fairway woods because of where impact happens: low on the face.  Without the Channel, low strikes would come off the face much slower, but ARC allows the face to keep flexing through impact to preserve ball speed.  Titleist's High-Speed VFT Face works in conjunction with the Active Recoil Channel to maximize ball speed across the face.

More than just long, the TSi's are forgiving as well.  Titleist optimized the fairway woods' weight distribution by refining the crown and face thicknesses, allowing weight to be shifted towards the sole of the club.  This results in a stable, high-launching, low-spinning, high-MOI design.

Weighing 50 grams lighter than standard fairway metals, the TSi1 is a truly lightweight setup.  In comparison to its siblings, the TSi1's center of gravity is positioned further back, resulting in a higher launch and increased MOI.  Titleist fits the fairway with extremely lightweight components, which lightens up the overall weight to help deliver more club head speed and ball speed to players with slow to moderate swing speeds. 

Titleist Women's TSi1 Fairway Woods Feature:

  • Strategically engineered to deliver maximum launch and distance to golfers with moderate swing speed 
  • Active Recoil Channel 4.0 launches the ball high with more speed
  • High-Speed VFT Face works in conjunction with ARC 4.0 to maximize ball speed across the face
  • Player-Tuned Aerodynamics move the club faster through the air for increased club head speed and distance
  • Deep CG location optimized to generate the launch and spin needed by moderate speed players to carry the ball farther
  • Adjustable SureFit Hosel featuring 16 indepedent loft and lie settings
  • Fixed CG location
  • High launch, mid spin
  • Stock Shafts: ALDILA Ascent Ultralight 35
  • Stock Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite (31g)
  • Headcover Included - No Adjustment Wrench Included
  • Titleist Golf Clubs Can Only Be Shipped To The USA
  • Authorized Titleist Retailer

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