Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220h Hollow Irons 2020

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The completely hollow Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220H Irons deliver the USGA maximum-allowed CT, a measurement used to track ball speed from a club face.  The irons are designed to produce the distance and forgiveness of a metalwood combined with the feel and control of a forged iron. 

Tour Edge achieves this feat by combining the hollow design with Cup Face technology, which allows the face to flex and rebound, creating a trampoline-like effect.  Spider Web VFT technology size of the sweet spot to lessen the distance gap between solid strikes and off-center strikes.  

EXS 220h Irons have a shallower face, wider sole and slightly heavier overall feel to maximize MOI and lower the center of gravity.  This design creates a unique high-launch, high ball speed, low-spin trajectory that allows Tour Edge to reduce lofts for more distance, while still producing a desirable ball flight.

The irons have progressive offsets, blade lengths and sole widths as you move through the set.  This allows each club to be engineered for its intended purpose.  Long irons are larger and more forgiving, with wider soles to improve turf interaction.  Shorter irons are slightly smaller with narrower soles to help with precision and accuracy.

Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220H Hollow Irons Feature:

  • Hollow design made from 17-4 steel deliver the USGA maximum allowed ball speed
  • Spider Web VFT technology creates a large sweet spot
  • Shallower face, wider sole and slightly heavier overall feel for extreme MOI
  • Deep center of gravity produces a unique high-launch, high ball spped, low-spin trajectory
  • LaunchPad Technology absorbs shock and creates more spring effect
  • Progressive iron set optimizes offset and size of each club for maximum performance
  • Durable black PVD finish
  • Authorized Tour Edge Retailer

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