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Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin Vibrcor Wedges - KBS MAX 90 Shaft

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For the first time ever, VibRCor technology makes its way into the Hot Launch line in the Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedges.  VibRCor is a high-grade TPU strategically placed inside the deep undercut pocket that creates perimeter weighting around the entire clubhead for increased forgiveness, power and ball speed.  Additionally, VibRCor dampens sound and shock at impact for soft feel and better control around the greens.

Versatility is an important wedge trait, and as such, Tour Edge utilized two distinct design elements to provide it.  The Super Spin's beveled leading edge reduces digging, while the cambered sole creates smoother turf interaction.  Combined, the beveled leading edge and more rounded sole will help every level of player get out of tough lies and bunkers.

To ensure prodigious spin and control with every shot, the Super Spin's computer-milled grooves are at the maximum depths allowed by the USGA.

The stock shaft and grip are KBS' MAX 80 and Lamkin's Z5 respectively.

Tour Edge Hot Launch Super Spin VibRCor Wedges Feature:

  • Extremely forgiving
  • VibRCor TPU in the undercut pocket creates perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness, power and ball speed.  Dampens sound and shock for a soft feel with great feedback and better control
  • Beveled leading edge reduces digging and creates an extremely versatile design
  • Cambered, more rounded sole creates smoother turf interaction
  • Toe weighted design maximizes stability on impact, elongates the sweet spot and provides better off center hit distance
  • CNC-milled grooves are at the maximum depths allowed by the USGA for outstanding spin and control
  • Stock Shaft: KBS MAX 80 Steel
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin Z5
  • Authorized Tour Edge Retailer

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