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Tour Edge Wingman 703 Putter

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The new Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 700 Putter Series features new designs that deliver extreme M.O.I., forgiveness, and maximum stability.  Tour Edge achieved such lofty feats through the use of a larger, hollow carbon sole plate that redistributes weight to the sides and back of the club, resulting in a putter head possessing prodigious perimeter weighting.

In addition to improving the shape of the Wingman, Tour Edge also updated the face insert.  The new, softer durometer thermoplastic insert provides extremely soft feel upon impact, a marked improved over its predecessor.  What’s more, the insert’s horizontal Micro-Grooves boost forward roll properties while reducing skidding off the face, both of which are integral to successful putting.

The final, yet tremendously helpful piece of technology found in the Wingman 700 Series is known as Lock-On Alignment Technology.  This one-of-a-kind contrast alignment technology allows you to discern if the lie angle of the putter is correctly matched up to the target at address.  Furthermore, the alignment line surface is 20% larger in order to frame the ball better.

The 703 and 704 models remove the perimeter wings found on the Super Max M.O.I. models (701 and 702), and move the sole weights towards the face.  Consequently, these putters have a more compact footprint, while still managing to retain robust M.O.I. properties.  The 703's mid toe-hang hosel best suits players with a slight arc in their putting stroke.

Tour Edge Wingman 703 Putter Features:

  • More compact footprint than the 701 and 702 while retaining massive M.O.I. properties
  • Larger, hollow carbon sole plate redistributes weight to the perimeter for extraordinary M.O.I., forgiveness, and stability
  • Micro-Groove Face Technology with molded horizontal grooves improves forward roll and reduces skidding off the face
  • Softer durometer TPU face insert delivers greatly improved, extremely soft feel upon impact
  • Lock-On Alignment Technology allows you to determine if the lie angle is correctly matched to the target
  • 20% Larger alignment line surface area frames the ball better at address
  • Toe Hang: Mid
  • Grip: Lamkin Jumbo Sink Fit Pistol
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