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U.S. Kids Tour Series Ts3-66 10 Club Stand Bag Set

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The US Kids Tour Series TS3-66 10 Club Stand Bag Set are advanced golf clubs designed for advanced junior players that measure 66"-69" in height and posses a swing speed of 80 mph and above.  The set features v5 model club heads (5% lighter that adult heads) with low flex point shafts for optimal ball flight and ideal launch conditions.

The TS3 Driver has a Beta Forged Titanium head with a thin crown and face to maximize ball speed and distance.  A deeper center of gravity creates optimum launch and spin conditions.

The TS3 fairway woods and hybrids are designed with a repositioned center of gravity to increase forgiveness and have a thin crown and face for increased ball speed. 

The irons are perimeter weight for increased forgiveness and have a lower, deeper center of gravity to create the perfect launch and spin. 

US Kids Tour Series TS3-66 10 Club Stand Bag Set Features:

  • 10 clubs included: Launch 460cc 13° driver (graphite), 3 wood (graphite), 4 hybrid (graphite), 5-9 irons (steel), PW & SW 56° (steel shaft)
  • Optimal height range: 66 inches to 69 inches
  • v5 model club heads (5% lighter than adult heads)
  • J-Flex shafts are frequency matched and spined for consistent performance
  • Low flex point for optimal ball flight
  • Appropriately sized grips, ribbed for easy alignment
  • TS3 Stand bag
  • Headcovers included
  • Putter Not Included
  • Authorized US Kids Retailer

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