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What's in Your Golf Bag? Unique Items Golfers Bring on Course:

Clubs, balls, tees, gloves … all essentials on the golf course, but what items do you have in your bag that most would consider unexpected? We reached out to pros and amateurs to see what they have in their bag – and learned a lot about the variety of unique and intriguing items that golfers carry.

Discover What Dwells in a Golfer's Bag

Toilet Paper – You never know when you'll need it!

You're walking the course and just as you get to the furthest possible point away from the club house you get the urge. Maybe the port-a-john's toilet paper is sub-par, completely out, or maybe there isn't a john at all. Yikes! That roll just became a necessity!

Carl's Golfland divot repair tool – Purchased 25 years ago

We had to include this one – it's a testament to the quality and longevity of our products!

Sunflower seeds – Because let's face it, golf can take a long time and snacking is essential

You can't go through a whole round without snacks – sunflower seeds, jerky, energy bars, trail mix. Stave off the hunger pains so you can concentrate on your game. You wouldn't want your noisy stomach to mess up your putting. Make sure to dispose of seeds somewhere other than on the greens, because you wouldn't want to create a mess for groundskeepers or for other players.

Waterproof bag – Protect your phone when it rains

We love a day out on the course to avoid those annoying work calls, pesky husbands or wives, and children requesting money. But you still need to stay accessible, and those blue skies can turn dark quickly! When the rain starts pelting down you wouldn't want it to get wet … or is it worth the peace and quiet? While most golf bags now have rainproof pockets, it doesn't hurt to double-down. Oh, and make sure to keep your phone on silent!

Bitcoin ball marker – Best part is when people ask if it's a real bitcoin

These other ball markers will also get you noticed, and it's great to have spares for your buddies. Here are a few examples from our readers:

  • Ball marker from Winter Park
  • St Andrews Ball Marker
  • Jamaican or Icelandic coins

Extra koozies in case playing partners didn't bring theirs

Staying hydrated is a priority, but having a nice cool drink is a luxury on the course. Why not spread the love and make sure your forgetful playing partners also have that luxury?

Barney's New York golf towel from 1981


Don't bring just one towel; you'll need one for your clubs, one for you, and one for your ill-prepared friend. We don't mean the spare rags you use on your muddy dog – we mean a "statement" towel like one of these. Not only is it functional, but also has a great story and history behind it.

Lucky pennies – Easier to carry around than your rabbit's foot (and less awkward)

Do you even know why a rabbit's foot is considered lucky? If you do, let us know because even some of the world's most respected historians aren't exactly sure of the origin. Either way, carrying a lucky penny around is not only less strange, it can also serve a purpose on the course – a lucky, flat ball-marker! Here's a few coin-like markers from our golfing followers:

  • Vintage (1940's) Lucky Penny Coin from Louie's 29 Club
  • Penny from Oakmont minted in 1901 (the year the club was founded)
  • A peso that I found from my grandpa's belongings when he passed and it's my birth year on it. It always brings me good luck in stroke play tournaments.
  • The Wonderball coins from Mario add a little nostalgia to my golf bag.

A left-handed club if you're a righty

We've all been there: you hit a beautiful shot and it lands ... right next to a tree. On top of a hill. On the edge of a bunker. And your only option is to pick up the ball and drop it further away – not ideal when you're competing against your buddies. BUT, if you have a lefty club, the day is saved. Give that ball a whack and watch it fly (but make sure to practice, because it's not as easy as it looks).

Cigar clip

Cigar clips these days aren't JUST cigar clips. Of course they're handy to attach to the cart or to your bag so your cigar isn't sitting on the ground picking up dirt and bugs, but the multi-functional ones are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They can be used to clean club heads, as ball markers or divot tools, and some even have bottle openers and cigar cutters built in. Showoff rights extended to the golfer who has one of these.

Spare socks and gloves

This doesn't mean that your old and unwashed lucky socks can stay in your bag. Pack a CLEAN pair and some extra gloves – you never know when you'll wear a hole in either of them. For warmer weather, you'll also want backup gloves or socks just in case it gets sweaty out there.

To the guy that said he only has 4 spare balls in his bag ...

We applaud you. And we love you. But we recommend a player pack at least 10 and perhaps some old balls that you can practice with in case you're stuck on a busy course. Even great players have bad days and balls can disappear under trees and leaves.

Meaningful Responses from Customers

"I have an old Crown Royal Fifth felt bag that I use as my valuables bag. It was my dad's and when he passed away, I found it in his garage with his plastic practice balls in it. It's a great memento and I think about him every time I tee it up!"

"Since my last name is Nickel. There are 4 nickels. Each one represents my grandpa, dad, brother, and I who all golf together. We each have one of these tools. I had my buddy make these for us." – Golf fan

"Having a long Polish name it was always easier to go by K for my last name. I carry a ball marker a good friend gave to me years ago from the K Club in Ireland."

Golf bags are designed to carry a player's clubs, but as we've discovered from many players, people carry a range of gear and items that make playing golf more convenient and fun. These may have even inspired you to add a few items to your own bag!