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Wilson D7 Hybrid Combo Iron Set - ON SALE

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The Wilson D7 Hybrid Combo Iron Set is perfect for players who struggle to hit their long irons, or those who have a big gap between their long irons and fairway woods. 

The Wilson D7 Irons feature a progressive design, so that each club can be optimized for maximum performance.  The long irons have 3 power holes and a thinner (the thinnest in Wilson's history), more responsive responsive face for maximum distance.  The shorter irons have fewer power holes, optimal weighting and extreme feel, all of which work in conjunction to provide precise distance control.  

Game changing performance was Wilson's priority when designing the D7 irons, but Wilson understands that confidence at address can be equally important to a clubs performance.  Wilson gave the D7 Irons a players iron aesthetic with straighter lines and a cleaner top line, so you can take advantage of all the super game improvement technology the clubs have to offer. 

The Wilson D7 Hybrids feature a carpenter custom 455 face.  This premium maraging steel insert provides a thin, hot face, which maximizes distance performance and increases feel.

The D7 Hybrids superlight design helps players produce faster swing speeds and more distance.  One of the primary ways Wilson was able to achieve such light weight is cast pockets in the crown that increase strength, thus allowing Wilson to reduce it's thickness and weight. 

The UST Mamiya Recoil 460 is the stock shaft offering in the D7 Hybrids and serves double duty as the D7 Irons graphite shaft.  The steel shaft and grip are the KBS Tour 80 steel shaft and Wilson Staff 2 Crossline respectively. 

Wilson D7 Hybrid Combo Iron Set Features:


  • Progressive power holes for individualized performance
  • Long irons have 3 rows of power holes for maximum distance
  • Short irons have fewer power holes with optimized weighting for maximum feel and precision
  • Wilson's thinnest face ever provides more responsiveness, longer shots and better feel
  • Performance iron aesthetic: straighter lines and a cleaner top line inspire confidence at address


  • Premium maraging steel insert provides a thin, hot face to boost distance and increase feel
  • Thin cast pockets in the crown increase strength while reducing weight
  • Superlight design makes the club easier to swing and produces faster club head speeds

Shaft & Grip

  • Stock shaft offerings: KBS Tour 80 steel • UST Mamiya Recoil 460 graphite
  • Wilson Staff 2 Crossline grip (black)

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