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Wilson Staff Model R Golf Balls

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The new Wilson Staff Model R Golf Balls are true tour-inspired, 4-piece urethane balls with a very unique quality.  The Staff Model R's feature a raw, unpainted cover which ensures a straighter ball flight.  Under ultraviolet light, it is clear see that traditional golf balls are imperfectly painted, and said imperfections make for an unbalanced golf ball, negatively impacting the balls flight, spin and roll.  During testing, Wilson found that when compared to their competitors offerings, the Staff Model R's raw design reduced unwanted spin, created a much straighter flight, and was far less likely to veer offline.

Under the raw finish, Wilson packed the Staff Model R's with serious, tour technology.  The ball's advanced core composition magnifies energy to generate maximum velocity and ball speed.  Generating speed is great, but aerodynamics play a huge factor as well, so Wilson created a 362-dimple pattern that smooths airflow around the ball for massive total distance.

Wilson Staff Model R Golf Balls Feature:

  • 4-Piece urethane construction
  • Raw, unpainted cover ensures straighter ball flight
  • V-COR Advanced Performance core magnifies energy to generate maximum velocity off the club face for greater distance
  • 4-Layers produce unmatched distance and shot shaping off the tee, with tour level workability from the fairway and exceptional control around the green
  • 3SIX2 seamless dimple pattern smooths airflow around the ball creating a lower trajectory and maximum distance performance
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