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XXIO 10 Fairway Woods

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The XXIO 10 Fairway Woods make distance easy.  For the distance portion of their slogan, XXIO uses advanced materials and construction to craft a lightweight crown, variable thickness sole and high-strength HT1770 Rolled cup face.  The 10 Fairway Wood is extremely lightweight and low-MOI, which helps with club head speed. 

Now for easy.  XXIO fits the 10 Fairway Wood with the lightweight MP1000 shaft.  The MP1000 reduces the forces on your body and in turn helps you hit the sweet spot more consistently. 

Experience easy distance with the XXIO 10 Fairway Woods.

The XXIO 10 Fairway Woods Feature:

  • Lightweight crown
  • Variable thickness sole
  • High-strength HT1770 Rolled cup face
  • Lightweight MP1000 shaft
  • High launch
  • Authorized XXIO Retailer

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