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XXIO X Irons

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Engineered for mid to low handicap golfers with moderate swing speeds, the XXIO X Irons combine a lightweight design with counterbalanced shafts to help boost club head speed and distance. 

The forged X Irons feature a milled speed groove on the backside of the face.  The groove around the perimeter flexes at impact, rebounding energy back into the ball for explosive ball speed and distance.   

Weight Plus counterbalancing technology puts 13g of brass and rubber weight in the end of each shaft.  The added grip weight helps produce a more consistent swing with a 13% tighter impact pattern.  Additionally, the grip helps push the club head through the impact to help you hit it longer.

XXIO Eleven Hybrids Feature:

  • Designed for players with moderate swing speeds
  • Lightweight design
  • Forged for incredibly soft yet responsive feel
  • Milled speed groove behind the face flexes and rebounds for explosive ball speed and distance
  • V-Shaped sole improves turf interaction and control
  • Weight Plus counterbalancing improves consistency and increase club head speed
  • Stock Shafts: XXIO MP1100 Graphite • Nippon N.S. Pro 920GH Steel
  • Stock Grip: XXIO Weight Plus
  • Authorized XXIO Retailer

XXIO X Irons

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