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The Cleveland 588 RTX 4 Wedges are the most tour-authentic wedges Cleveland has ever produced.  Cleveland worked tirelessly with their tour staff to refine the wedges and are now bringing them to consumers.

The foundation of the RTX 4 is Cleveland's proprietary Rotex face.  Now in it's 4th generation, the Rotex Face generates more spin through the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves, most aggressive face milling, and more precise laser milling.

Four sole grinds are available on the RTX 4, delivering the versatility to execute every short game shot imaginable.  Additionally, the wedges are optimized by loft, creating even more short game control. 

The four bounce's available are: Full bounce, for crisp pitch shots and solid full-shot performance.  Mid bounce, V-shaped sole cuts smoothly through turf with low leading edge on open face shots.  Low bounce, C-shape provides heel and toe relief for ultimate versatility.  XLow bounce, perfect for tight lies and hitting with an extremely open face.

The RTX 4 has a tour-driven, compact shape, which uses less offset to provide more workability and confidence at address. 

Cleveland sweated the details as well, equipping the RTX 4 with the Tour's #1 wedge shaft (True Temper S100) and the #1 wedge grip (Golf Pride Tour Velvet).

Cleveland 588 RTX 4 Wedges Black Feature:

  • Rotex Face Technology features Cleveland's sharpest grooves and most aggressive face milling pattern
  • 4 Tour developed sole grinds deliver extraordinary versatility
  • Progressive Feel Balancing Technology optimizes the wedges by loft for more short game control
  • Tour-drive compact shaping uses less offset for more versatility and confidence at address
  • True Temper S400 steel shaft (#1 wedge shaft on tour)
  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip (#1 wedge grip on tour)
  • Lofts available: 46° • 48° • 50° 52° • 54° • 56° • 58° • 60°
  • Black finish
  • Authorized Cleveland Retailer

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