Kids Golf Hats and Headwear

Junior Golf Hats Combine Style and Function

There's nothing quite like a beautiful, sunny day on the golf course, no matter your age. But with that sun comes danger and distraction – especially for young golfers, keeping the heat and burning rays of the sun off an unprotected head is important. Kids' golf hats are important pieces of golf gear, protecting the player's eyes from the sun and protecting the head from UV rays. We carry a great selection of youth golf hats that offer both practical function and the style that every young golfer is looking for.

Kids' golf hats serve the same function they do for older players; a well-fitted hat keeps the sun out of your eyes, allows you to follow your ball more easily, and helps prevent sunburn or even heat stroke on a hot day. A quality junior golf hat also helps wick away sweat, keeping the player more comfortable and less distracted. Snapback golf hats are one of our most popular styles, with an adjustable closure to allow these kids' golf hats to be one-size-fits-all (or most). We also have hats with stretch clasp closures that offer similar adjustability.

At Carl's Golfland, you'll find a variety of junior golf hats from well-known brands, many with a stylish embroidered logo. These hats look great both on and off the course! Choose from a variety of styles and colors as well, whether you prefer a classic black or white, an eye-catching blue or red, or a fun retro style. No matter the color or design, a kids' golf hat is a vital piece of a great golf outfit.

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