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Find the Golf Clubs You Need

You'll find the golf clubs you need at the lowest prices of any authorized golf retailer at Carl's Golfland! There's nothing more important to your game than a quality set of golf clubs. If your clubs aren't in top condition or if they just don't fit quite right, then you need a new set to play at your very best. We carry golf clubs for sale from the best names in golf, like TaylorMade™, Callaway™, Titleist, and Mizuno, so you can feel confident in their quality. Even though our clubs come from the biggest brands, we offer great prices, free shipping on almost all clubs, and the best customer service in the industry. Interested in custom golf clubs? Look for the “Customize Me” icon to see availability. Any questions and our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to help.

At Carl's Golfland, we have every type of golf club for sale so you can find the club you need to improve your game. If you're looking to improve your long game, our selection of drivers and fairway woods can't be beat! If your short game is on a downward spiral, a new putter or wedge will help lower your handicap in no time. We also carry a complete selection of iron sets, hybrid clubs, and complete golf club sets.

How to Buy Golf Clubs That Fit Just Right

If you aren’t sure which clubs are best for you, our highly trained team is here to help! Just give us a call at 877-412-2757 to get expert advice.

We know that buying golf clubs online can be a tricky business. With our selection of name-brand golf clubs for all types of players and skill levels, you're certain to find what you need. To make sure that your golf clubs have the best fit possible, we recommend that you try them out before you buy. Even better, you can get custom fit golf clubs right in our stores! If you live in the Southeast Michigan area, come to one of our Carl's Golfland locations and find the perfect clubs for you! We offer a range of club fitting services, including free basic fittings with no appointment needed. Give us a call at 248-335-8095 and ask to speak with one of our club specialists and we'll help you determine the right type of fitting for you.

Don't forget to visit our golf bags selection to find the right bag for your clubs. We even carry travel bags for your next golf trip!


How do you know which golf clubs to buy?

Just starting out and don't know where to start when it comes to filling your golf bag? We're here to help! If you're not ready to commit to purchasing a complete set of golf clubs, here are the basics to get started:

  • Driver: The first club you reach for at the beginning of each hole typically has the longest shaft and the largest head of your set to help give you enough power to drive the ball long distances. Remember, accuracy and control are more important than distance off the tee.
  • Putter: The putter is used when you're on the green and ready to roll the ball into the hole. Typically, your putter will be the most used club in the bag. This club is trickier to fit as it depends on your height, stance, arm length, and other factors – if possible, try out a few different putters in store before buying.
  • Wedges: Wedges are categorized by their loft, or the angle created between the face of the club and the ground. The type of wedge you need depends on the course you'll be playing, and many golfers carry multiple different kinds: a sand wedge and a gap wedge (or approach wedge) are two of the most popular. A sand wedge (54° – 56°) has more bounce and is designed to be used for bunkers and shorter shots, while a gap wedge (48° – 52°) is used for chips, full and partial shots from the fairway or rough.
  • Iron Sets or Hybrids: Irons typically come in sets of 6-8 clubs and are versatile on the golf course, but hybrids are often added to an iron set as they are easier to control and hit consistently – the heads are shaped like woods, while the lengths and lofts are similar to irons – hence the name, "hybrid." Hybrids are designed to replace your long irons (3-6).

How many clubs do you need to play golf?

There is no minimum number of golf clubs you can play with, but according to the USGA Rules of Golf, the maximum number of clubs allowed per golfer per round is 14. A good place to start for a beginner’s bag is 8-10 clubs – see our breakdown of which clubs you may need above.

How do you measure golf club length?

To measure the length of a golf club, place the club in the playing position with the sole flat on the ground. Using a 48" ruler, measure from the edge of the grip cap to the heel (where the club meets the ground). For putters, measure from the edge of the grip cap to the ground straight down the shaft – this may be in the center of the club's head. Note that some manufacturers measure putters slightly differently.

How do you choose the right fit for golf clubs?

If you're struggling to get the right fit, consider visiting a golf shop in person for a custom club fitting session. Certified professional fitters like those at our Launch Pad facility take your swing and ballflight data to help you find the perfect clubs that take your game to the next level using state-of-the-art TrackMan fitting tools.

Are there warranties or guarantees on golf clubs purchased from Carl's Golfland?

Carl’s Golfland is an authorized dealer for every brand we sell, and we guarantee the lowest possible prices on everything we sell from all your favorite brands. Check out our Low Price Guarantee for full details.

Golf Club Warranty: Warranty information varies by brand and item. Please contact our customer service team or stop in store with any warranty questions. We’ll even help coordinate warranty inquiries between our customers and brand representatives to facilitate a resolution if you’re having issues with your clubs.