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The Launch Pad, our state of the art fitting center, is equipped with private fitting suites and the latest in custom fitting tools from the top equipment manufacturers. We utilize live ball flight using TrackMan 4, the #1 solution for swing and ball flight analysis, to track your shots. With thousands of one-on-one performance fittings performed, our TrackMan certified Launch Pad fitters are here to ensure your equipment isn't your game's determining factor. See fitting types and prices above or take the virtual tour below.

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We offer FREE BASIC FITTINGS for players of all skill levels and abilities. This process begins with a conversation between you and one of our club specialists to learn about your game and determine the type of clubs you may be interested in. With our "try before you buy" policy, you are able to test the clubs on our outdoor practice facility at no cost. When you are finished with your testing session, your club specialist will work with you to select the make and model that will best suit your game. The final step involves your club specialist fitting the equipment that you have selected to the proper specifications using the Game Changer, which utilizes live ball flight analysis. You can be confident that Carl's will always use the most up-to-date technology and the best fitting tools available to ensure a proper fit. No appointment is needed for basic fittings. Just walk right in!


We also offer PERFORMANCE FITTINGS, which utilize the latest and greatest in custom club fitting. Carl's Golfland is equipped with TrackMan technology, the same used on tour, to help improve your game by using live Doppler Radar to scientifically get you into the best clubs possible. You'll leave knowing you have the best equipment for you in your bag. This type of fitting tends to be suited for those who value the best in technology.

Having trouble determining which fitting is right for you? Give us a call (248-335-8095) and ask to speak with one of our club specialists to determine which type of fitting would best suit your game.


$125* | 50 Minutes

Our goal in a driver fitting is to maximize your distance and accuracy. We start this process by measuring your current driver's playing characteristics. Taking into account these baseline numbers, your performance fitter will have you test multiple head and shaft combinations to maximize your launch conditions and ball speed, while limiting dispersion.

*$60 credit earned toward purchase - valid for 30-days post-fitting.


$175* | 80 Minutes

This fitting begins with testing your existing irons to gather baseline data. Your fitter will analyze this data and along with your feedback to select irons for testing. Once a model is selected, your fitter will make sure the iron is fitted properly for length, shaft type, flex, and grip, while achieving the best possible launch and spin conditions given your swing dynamics. The final step is to discuss the optimal set make-up and wedge gapping for the irons you have selected.

*$60 credit earned toward purchase - valid for 30-days post-fitting.


$225* | Two 80-Minute Sessions

This fitting is designed for the player looking for a new set of clubs from the driver down through wedges. We will incorporate the Performance Driver and Iron Fittings, along with the testing of fairways and hybrids. Typically, the irons and wedges will be fit first followed by driver, fairway and long game fitting. Because of the volume of golf balls hit and the rate a player typically fatigues, we prefer to schedule these fittings on different days.

*$60 credit earned toward purchase - valid for 30-days post-fitting.


$125* | 80 Minutes

The purpose of this fitting is to analyze the distance gapping and ball flight of your current set of clubs. Through this analysis, we can determine what changes or additions should be made to your current bag configuration. Wedge gapping and hybrid integration are most common. Any loft and lie adjustments that are needed on your current clubs are covered by the fitting fee.

*$60 credit earned toward purchase - valid for 30-days post-fitting.


$175* | 80 Minutes

This fitting will help you configure your bag for driver + fairway woods or fairway woods + hybrid clubs. Many players struggle to find the best combination of clubs to cover the gaps in distance these clubs create. By testing multiple clubs and gathering Trackman data, we can help you find the best performing products, maximize your distance and accuracy and maintain a playable trajectory.

*$60 credit earned toward purchase - valid for 30-days post-fitting.


$125* | 50 Minutes

The performance wedge fitting starts with our fitters analyzing your current short-game set make up. Next, we gather as much information from you based on your wedge preferences and performance characteristics. You’ll test multiple models with different lofts and bounces as we find the perfect gapping for your short irons.

*$60 credit earned toward purchase - valid for 30-days post-fitting.


$125** | 80 Minutes

We utilize SAM PuttLab and the Quintic Ball Roll system for our performance putter fittings. Using SAM PuttLab, an analysis and training system based on ultrasound measurements, we’ll analyze 28 dimensions of your putting stroke. The results are displayed in easy-to-understand graphic reports. The Quintic Ball Roll system captures the true roll of the ball, at 720 fps, tracking both the putter and the ball through the impact zone. Quintic measures over 45 parameters that we evaluate to determine the putter specifications best suited for you. We’ll help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, and find the putter that best fits your stroke.

**$50 credit earned toward purchase - valid for 30-days post-fitting.


$50 | 20 Minutes

With a 20-minute Putter Evaluation, your current putter can be adjusted to fit your specific and personal putting stroke. Using SAM PuttLab & Quintic Ball Roll, the correct loft and lie, and ideal grip for your putter can be determined. Loft and lie adjustments are included.

Launch Pad/Performance Putter Fittings only eligible for current/in-line product.


  • Brad Coffield
  • Ryan Johnson
  • Mark Knapp
  • Alex Dice
  • Alex Haddad
Brad Coffield

Brad was introduced to the game at the age of 10 and started playing competitive golf shortly thereafter. His love for the game led him to his first job as a caddy at Meadowbrook CC. Brad also worked at Coyote GC while competing in high school golf for 4 years. Brad was one of the first employees hired onto our team at our Plymouth location in 2000. He worked there for over 16 years before transitioning to the Bloomfield Hills store after discovering the impact of a properly fit set of clubs on a player’s game. Brad wanted to take that to the next level and pursue what he enjoyed most, club fitting. In January of 2017 Brad joined the Launch Pad staff and has continued to expand his knowledge of golf equipment and fitting with the help of TrackMan. Brad is available for fittings year-round.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan has been playing competitive golf since the age of 10 and has continued to excel at the game throughout the years. Ryan was crowned the 2014 GAM (Golf Association of Michigan) Champion. In 2015, Ryan captured the 2015 Michigan Amateur Championship and was named the GAM Player of the year. He has competed in 3 USGA National Events (2 Public Links and 1 U.S. Amateur) and won 6 college events while playing for Wayne State University. During his time at Wayne State University, Ryan achieved All-American honors his junior year. Ryan thoroughly enjoys and respects the fitting aspect of the game and has compiled over 5 years of fitting experience using TrackMan. Ryan works to help customers understand the significance of a proper fitting, improve overall scores, and most importantly, to remember the joy of the game. Ryan is a certified TrackMan Master Fitter.

Mark Knapp

Mark joined the Launch Pad team in 2020. His passion for the game stemmed from an early start at just the age of 8. Over the years, Mark's growing love for the game evolved into a fascination with equipment and incrementally improving his game by tweaking his equipment, which lead him to his career at Carl's Golfland. Mark was an integral part of our clubs sales staff prior to moving out to the Launch Pad, and has since become even more excited about helping customers reach their full potential through custom club fitting.

Alex Dice
Alex Dice

Alex was introduced to the game when he was just two years old and is the son of Michigan PGA Pro Brian Dice. Alex Played High School golf at Clarkston High School, and then moved onto Saginaw Valley State University where he played on the men's golf team. While attending SVSU Alex achieved academic All-American honors. Alex has always been intrigued by golf equipment, constantly researching to find the latest information on new equipment as well as tinkering with the latest gear. Growing up around the game, he has seen all sides of the game by working as a cart boy during his high school summers. Alex passionately pursues all aspects of the fitting process and wants to help people play better golf by properly fitting players for the right equipment.

Alex Haddad
Alex Haddad

Alex was introduced to golf at the age of 6 where he was inspired by his older brother, father and grandfather to play the game. Alex began his journey in the golf business at the young age of 14, working for Bald Mountain Golf Course. Being a competitive multi-sport athlete growing up, it wasn’t until 2012 when Alex joined the Carl’s Golfland team and golf became his number one priority. Having conducted thousands fittings as one of Carl’s Equipment Specialists, Alex was able to refine his knowledge and fitting philosophy to become an Elite Level fitter within the industry. Understanding the technical side of the game is important to Alex and passing that knowledge onto the golfer is essential for improvement. Alex is TrackMan certified with the end goal of providing golfers with the correct knowledge and tools required to play their best golf.