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66th Anniversary Golf Bag Savings66th Anniversary Golf Bag Savings

Golf Carry Bags

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Convenient & Lightweight Golf Carry Bags

Whether you prefer to walk all 18 holes or like the throwback style, golf carry bags are a great option for a player who's looking for a simple, minimalist approach in a golf bag. Available in a range of sizes, colors, and styles, you'll find a great selection of golf carry bags at Carl's Golfland from popular brands, including Callaway, Jones, PING, Sun Mountain, and Titleist. Carry bags - sometimes referred to as golf walking bags, since they're made for golfers who walk the course - are typically smaller and weigh less than other types of golf bags, and they're often a more affordable option than a larger cart bag or tour bag.

Because golf carry bags are meant to be carried as you walk the course, they might not have all the pockets, dividers, and other features of a full-size tour bag. You will find a variety of options available, however, depending on how minimalist you want to go - a classic golf walking bag may offer several divisions and pockets, for example, with a padded strap so you can carry it comfortably. Modern materials keep golf carry bags lightweight, even if you go for a larger bag with extra dividers and pockets for your rangefinder and water bottle. In addition to a stylish black, you'll find blues, reds, greens, and other colors.

Is a Golf Carry Bag Right for Me?

A golf walking bag may be a good choice for you if you don't have a lot of equipment to carry with you and plan to walk for most or all of your time on the course. These bags are a terrific option for spontaneous weekend rounds, when you don't want to carry all your clubs with you. Keep in mind, however, that while most golf carry bags weigh only about 3 lbs., a bag full of clubs weighs a lot more. Carry bags will put a lot of weight on your shoulders and back, and that can take a toll on your energy by the latter portion of your game. Because they're designed to be carried, these bags don't always sit well in a cart - a cart bag or stand bag may be a better choice if you expect to divide your time between walking and riding. But if playing a round of golf just isn't the same if you're not walking the course, a lightweight golf carry bag may be just what you need.

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