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You asked for it...Carl's Plymouth Location to debut TrackMan Range

September 2019 Update -Mark your calendars - November 2019 will be the highly anticipated debut of TrackMan Range at Carl's Golfland at St.John's in Plymouth, Michigan. As any serious golfer could tell you, the game has changed drastically over the last 5-10 years, partly due to the introduction of new technology, partly the consumer demand for proper fittings and also an unrivaled experience when it comes to golf retail. In early September 2019, our Plymouth location began a full range renovation that will feature more visible greens and landing areas at strategic distances to help better your experience. Now the fun part - to take it a step further, we are happy to announce our Plymouth location will also feature the truly innovative TrackMan Range technology. The goal currently is to launch the technology as soon as our range re-opens in late October/early November. For more updates on the renovation progress, and for picture updates, CLICK HERE.

Carl’s Golfland Reinforces Their World Class Experience with TrackMan Range

The international golf influencers and technology innovators at TrackMan approached Carl’s Golfland in early 2017 with a concept that will change the driving range experience well into the future. Carl’s Golfland believes in being the best of the best – when the opportunity to implement TrackMan Range into the newly renovated practice facility came about, it was yet another opportunity to take the Carl’s experience to a new level. Carl's Golfland, Bloomfield Hills was the first practice facility in North America to feature this new technology.

What is TrackMan Range?

Imagine walking up to any stall or grass tee at your local practice facility or golf club with your bucket of golf balls. You take out your smart phone and login to the TrackMan Range app and start hitting. The app will provide you with ball data similar to what pros are provided, with every shot being displayed right on your phone display. Anyone/Everyone else at the same practice facility will be able to utilize the very same technology at the same time - A true game changer.

TrackMan Range - Introduction from TrackMan on Vimeo.

What's new?

As many of you know, we were the first facility in the country to outfit our entire range with TrackMan technology with TrackMan Range. We have some exciting updates many of you have been waiting for. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! There are 3 new games built into the latest version of the TrackMan Range App - Bullseye, Capture the Flag, and Hit it! Bullseye is a precision game where the player with the most points wins. Capture the Flag is a strategic game where the player with the most flags wins. And Hit It! is a power game where the player with the longest drive wins. Challenge your friends or make a new one on the range and show off your skills! TrackMan Range also has brand new Hyper Graphics to enhance your experience. The highly anticipated iPad app for TrackMan Range is also available in the app store.

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TrackMan Range

Let's see it in action...

When you open the app for the very first time, you’ll need to first connect to the TrackMan Network, register and login. After your first use, if you saved the network, you’ll just have to open the app and you’re ready to go. As you can see from our slideshow sample session, we’ll be hitting out of Bay #9.

Our first shot we selected Target #2 (the closest green). While you don’t have to, selecting a target will yield even more valuable information like distance from pin. As you can see from our first shot, we carried the ball 66 yards and backed it up about a yard. Sadly, we were 21.3 yards away from the pin. That’s why we are practicing right?

As you can see from the "activity" screen shot of the actual app, before we hit our shot, we also informed TrackMan Range we were hitting a LW. Each subsequent shot we hit will be logged under LW until we tell TrackMan Range we are hitting a different club. Seeing tendencies and inconsistencies will help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses throughout the bag.

We hit a few more shots with different clubs so you can see the different data points. As you can see, the data provided to the user by TrackMan Range is invaluable – Carry, Total, Ball Speed, Height, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Side Direction, Distance from Pin, and which target you were aiming for. You can also see that without a target selected, there are a few data points TrackMan cannot give you.

Other valuable screens TrackMan Range provide you are the user favorite range overview where you can easily see dispersion and even break it down by club. Take a look at some of the screen shots.


Have any questions or an idea to improve the TrackMan Range experience? Please let us know. CLICK HERE