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There's a big reason why every golfer carries several different irons in their bag: a quality iron set will let you play well from almost anywhere on the course. Long irons can be used off the tee on short par 3s, while shorter irons are great for hitting from tight lies or for hitting balls over hazards. Whatever your predicament, an iron can get you out of it! Find the golf irons you need to play at your best at Carl's Golfland!

How to Pick the Right Irons

As the name implies, iron sets are made up of several different clubs, often including 6, 7, or 8 pieces. Modern irons are a complicated business, with every brand carrying multiple different models and using multiple different acronyms that can be hard to decipher. We want to make your buying experience as easy as possible, so here are a few simple tips to help you get the iron set that's perfect for you:

Find the Correct Type of Irons

This doesn't mean choosing a specific brand or picking a 2 iron over a 5 iron. There are multiple types of golf irons available, but we'll look at two: player irons and improvement irons.

  • Player Irons are the least forgiving but provide the best response, trajectory, and carry distance for skilled golfers. Professional players and golfers with exceptionally low handicaps should be using player irons to get the best results.
  • Improvement Irons (or Super Game Improvement irons) are designed to be much more forgiving. For players with high handicaps, a set of improvement irons will produce much better strokes and a lower overall score each round than player irons would.

Pay attention to your handicap when choosing an iron set. Using clubs that match your skill level is what will allow you to continually play at your best and improve over time. You may also want to consider driving and utility irons to replace long irons or hybrids, if you're a player with a fast swing looking for more distance and greater accuracy. These clubs are sold individually.

Use the Right Shaft for Your Swing

When choosing golf irons, you also want to choose the correct shaft flexibility for your playing style.

  • If you have a low handicap and a very high swing speed, using a less flexible shaft will let you maximize the power and accuracy of each swing.
  • For players with higher handicaps and lower swing speeds, golf irons with more flexible shafts will allow you develop greater force in your swing and give you better distance.

Shop for Irons Sets Without Stress at Carl's Golfland

Carl's Golfland carries golf iron sets for players of all preferences and skill levels. We also have the lowest prices in the industry, and we even give you free shipping on our golf clubs to make sure you get the best possible deal! As a continued part of our commitment to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, if you find out that the club you ordered isn't the correct size, you can return it to us unused and we'll give you 100% of your money back.

Professional Club Fitting at Carl's Golfland

If you want to be absolutely sure your irons fit perfectly, we recommend that you try out your clubs before you buy. If you live near Detroit, come to one of our Carl's Golfland locations to be fitted for the perfect clubs. Our club fitting services are a great option for players at all levels. The Launch Pad Fitting Center is staffed by Master Club Fitters who will analyze your swing to get you the best golf irons for your playing style. We even offer free basic fittings if you call us today at 248-335-8095.

If you don't live near Detroit, that's ok! Our expert staff can still help you find the perfect iron set. Just give us a call at 877-412-2757 to get some expert advice.