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Chromax Womens Golf Balls 6 Pack

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The Chromax Womens Golf Balls 6 Pack is designed with a two piece, low compression core and excellent distance for women golfers of all types. These are constructed with revolutionary Chromax technology for enhance visibility in all playing conditions. Never loose your golf ball with the Chromax golf balls!

Chromax Womens Golf Balls 6 Pack Assorted feature:


  • 6 pack
  • 6 colors - blue, metallic, yellow, green, pink & orange
  • Exclusive high visibility technology
  • Conforms to U.S.G.A. and R&A ruling
  • 75 compression
  • Translucent soft cover for soft feel around the green
  • Two piece core
  • Metallic inner coating reflects off the sun
  • Chromax dimple patter providers optimal distance and control



Chromax Golf Balls