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Cleveland Womens Launcher XL Halo Irons

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When it came time to design the new Women's Launcher XL Halo Irons, Cleveland utilized artificial intelligence and machine learning to create, test and improve face designs.  After thousands of iterations, Cleveland's automated intelligent design software produced MainFrame.  This unique design consists of milling a variable thickness pattern (made up of grooves, channels and cavities) into the back of the iron's face.  After two years of refinement, Cleveland settled on a final face design that offers greatly improved COR by maximizing flex at impact.  Those years of hard work paid significant dividends, as evidenced by the Launcher XL Halo's explosive ball speed and distance on every shot, even when you miss the sweet spot.

In terms of golf, MOI refers to an object's resistance to rotation, which is important, because when a club head strikes the ball off-center, it naturally wants to rotate.  Rotation means the club is no longer facing its target, and errant shots will inevitably follow.  In order to help combat misses and increase forgiveness, Cleveland added a great deal of size to the Launcher XL Halo.  The bigger club head allowed engineers to relocate mass as far from the iron's center as possible. The result is a dramatic increase in stability, and in fact, the Launcher XL Halo boasts 17% more MOI than Cleveland's last generation hybrid-iron.

The final piece of technology powering the Launcher XL Halo isn't found in the club head, but rather the shaft.  Cleveland inserts an 8g weight at the end of the shaft, creating what is known as a "counter balanced" effect, the benefits of which are dynamic.  As you take the club away from address, Action Mass CB weight makes it feel lighter and more controlled.  Added control leads to added stability and a more consistent, repeatable golf swing.  At the beginning of the down swing, Action Mass brings your hands straight down, consequently helping keep your arms close to your body.  This creates a better plane that avoids the dreaded casting motion commonly referred to as an "over the top" swing, ultimately resulting in a squarer club face and straighter shots.

Cleveland selected Project X's Cypher as the stock shaft offering, and for good reason.  This ultralight weight shaft focuses on promoting a higher launch and maximizing total distance. 

Cleveland Women's Launcher XL Irons Feature:

  • Progressive set with massive, forgiving, high launching long irons and shorter irons/wedges that look playable at address
  • Larger head and extreme perimeter weighting create the most MOI (2,908g) and forgiveness ever in a Cleveland hybrid-iron
  • A.I. designed MainFrame variable thickness pattern milled into the back of the face maximizes COR for more ball speed and distance than past generations
  • 8g weight at the end of the grip delivers better balance, control, consistency and a square face at impact with less slice
  • Gliderail on long irons promotes a sweeping swing with excellent turf interaction.  Mid-irons feature a V-Shaped Sole that cuts through the grass without digging. Short irons have a 3-tiered sole for maximum forgiveness on pitches, chips and bunker shots
  • HiBore stepped crown shape lowers the crown height and center of gravity for added forgiveness and a high launch
  • 4i-7i have wider, flatter grooves for the optimal balance of spin and distance. 8i-SW have thinner, deeper, higher-spinning grooves for complete control and more stopping power
  • Stock Shaft: Project X Cypher 40 Ladies Graphite (high launch, high spin)
  • Stock Grip: Winn Dri-Tac ladies (35g)
  • Authorized Cleveland Golf Retailer

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